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We help our clients to extend their traditional business to    
                                                 E-commerce/M-Commerce platform.  

Mock Exam Training Tool

TrainAnywhere Mock Exam Training Tool is the online/Smartphone enabled exam generator tool for training centers and Institutions. This tool allows Administrators, Examiners, and Question Setters to add/edit/delete questions and schedule tests, quizzes, exams and generate reports. With our tool they can set up engaging exams that fit any kind of difficulty level. Coaching centers and Institutions can create exams through their control panel and their students will be able to attend the exams through their Smartphone App or Online application. Build exams with great ease and provide their users with appropriate feedback, so they will have a rich learning experience.

Organization Calendar

This is a simple customized calendar application for Organization and business firms to create their own calendar. Our great team will study your business and develop customizable smart phone based calendar application for your business. Your customers can download your calendar from Google play .This calendar application is a chance for your customers to know you well. And you will have a control panel to edit the content of calendar application. You can mark your special events, daily offers, new products, everything on this calendar through control panel. This smart Calendar can be viewed by day, week, and month or by your agenda – which just shows on which day’s user have things scheduled. The daily entry obviously provides an overview of details of each day’s specials and events. You will be able to dynamically update company events and offers by your control panel.

Smart School Diary application

This Smart School diary Application connects parents, teachers and students anywhere, anytime. Our smart School application enables perfect communications between school and parents by replacing traditional school diaries with new technologies. The school Diary application can access through a web interface or a mobile application, this application handles all the communications that happen between a parent, admin and teacher. Communication between a parent & teacher (or admin) is always private and secure and is not visible to any other parent/user.

Right Recruter

Recruitment agencies and companies can categories and store candidate data with resume by this application. We provide this application with a web portal. Job classifications also can be published on this portal. The candidate can attend the skill test through our smartphone app and mark their score on their resume. This is something like a certification score for his skills provided by agency.

Survey Analysis Tool

This is a survey tool. Admin can set up different survey, through our application. This survey questionnaire will be received to users by their email. Submitted result based analysis and graph will be shown in our tool.


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