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“Our clients develop their own educational related apps with our expertise. Our Smartphone applications and online solutions help them to conduct training, schedule tests, quizzes, exams, analysis their students performance and generate reports”

Mobile Learning Tools

Mobile learning is now convenient and flexible because of the Smartphone’s portability. The convenience of mobile devices gives users anytime-anywhere access to information and applications. Sitting on the train, waiting at the playground, shopping, walking to work, standing in line for tickets, are occasions that now provide opportunities to access to information or tasks. Mobile devices are now handheld multimedia studios, capable of displaying and creating any combination of audio, video, and text media.

Delivery of course content is not limited to bland or stripped down displays, but can include rich and dynamic information.

We develop mobile learning tools and educational related apps. We believe learning not only happen in the four walls of the classroom, it can happen anywhere: On a bus, in a museum, at the zoo, in the living room. We have excellent tools to extend your traditional educational service to your student mobile gadgets and computers. Our tools help coaching centers, institutions, recruitment consultancies, and companies on various services

“Our application helps companies to organize their leads and converting this leads in to customers. We develop customized solutions for your marketing departments.”

Marketing Automation

We have great team to help our clients to build right marketing tools for their product. People talk more on internet through simple email, messenger, text and several forms of social networking from Twitter to Facebook. Internet and smart phones rule this world. All these are shows the change happened in people communication. So it’s important to upgrade your marketing tools with updated technologies. We believe that technology has to mix with industry knowledge to market a product. So we study your requirements before we proceed to automation.

  • We develop excellent designers to customize your website to brand your products.
  • Online and Smartphone app based automated market campaigns to collect your valid leads
  • Survey and polls conducting tools.
  • Automation of workflows and report generation tool
  • Contact management
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing tools.
  • Marketing scheduling tools.

Powerful tools to organize and monitor your team to reach your target. We make your teams communication accurate and organized.

Team Management Tools

At this age of technology, it is just essential for companies and businesses to use software solutions to improve operations, streamline communication, and increase efficiency. We help companies to develop team management software solutions that can improve their productivity by proper team management.

Project management applications

Task Monitoring applications

Team Management Solutions

Task management applications

Customized Location based monitoring solutions